Suikoden IV Confirmed for North America

In a nice bit of news from the Tokyo Game Show, Konami has confirmed that they will be bringing Suikoden IV to North American shores in the future. Unfortunately, RPGamers will have quite a wait as the title isn't scheduled for release until Fall of 2004.

In addition, further details were also revealed about the game, including that it will be a prequel to the series. Konami is also planning to stick to a similar format as the rest of the series, and players will once again be questing for the 108 Stars of Destiny. However, as a nice bit of variety, Suikoden IV is also going to include a new sub-game of ship-to-ship combat. Beyond these items, little more was revealed of the title and gamers will have to settle into the long wait while it ramps up to production for the PlayStation 2.

*Update* After having the info up on their US website, Konami has decided to repeal the news about Suikoden IV taking place 150 years before the other games. At this time, its unclear whether this means that the announcement was a mistaken remark, or a complete change in information, but we'll keep you updated as further details emerge.

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by Gabriel Putnam    
Sources: [Games Are Fun]

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