Suikoden IV Details Magically Appear

With the Tokyo Game Show looming in the near future, Konami recently revealed a bounty of details regarding Suikoden IV, its upcoming addition to the Suikoden series.

Suikoden IV will be set in an archipelago modeled after the southern regions of Japan; the game appears to have a lot of coastal scenery. So far, only two of the 108 characters have been announced: the unnamed hero and his companion Snow. While nothing is known about Snow at this point, the hero already has a lot going for him. The main character is an orphan who was raised in the servitude of a lord. He hails from the island nations, which were hinted at in the previous Suikoden titles.

The hero eventually becomes bound to the Curse Rune, which is one of the 27 True Runes that compose the energy of the world. The Curse Rune bestows incredible power upon its user at the expense of draining his or her life. In addition, it has had numerous hosts over the years, and once it drains a user to the point of death it passes itself to a new host. The seemingly parasitic rune allows its current host to access the memories of the past hosts in fragments, and those memories often burden the heart of the host with pain.

Suikoden IV will have many graphical improvements over its PlayStation 2 predecessor, Suikoden III. These improvements include filters and better lighting to enhance the realism of the game. In addition, Junko Kouno, who is known for designing the characters of the original Suikoden, will do the character designs in this title as well.

A trailer of Suikoden IV is set to be shown at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, which will begin on September 26. The actual game is expected to be released in Japan sometime next year.

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by Cortney Stone    
Source: [Impress Game Watch, Famitsu]

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