Final Fantasy X-2 Goes International

In a somewhat predictable move, Square-Enix announced that it will release an international version of Final Fantasy X-2. The company has promised that the game will be packed with new content to expand the adventures of Yuna and company in Spira.

Specifically, Final Fantasy X-2 International will have new missions for players to complete, and a new bonus dungeon, the Tower of Yadonoki, to explore. In addition, players can experiment with new classes and costumes, like the Psychiccer class, and an extra ending can be accessed by playing the game with a finished save file from the original FFX-2.

The release of FFX-2 International will nearly coincide with the arrival of FFX-2 in North America. However, the North American version of FFX-2 will not include the new content because of the time constraints of preparing the game for its release outside of Japan.

North Americans, however, are not at a total loss. While a vast majority of them missed out on "Eternal Calm," the bonus video that linked Final Fantasy X and FFX-2, North American fans are about to be given a chance to own the video themselves. The December issue of Official PlayStation Magazine will feature an English version of "Eternal Calm" on its monthly demo DVD. The issue will arrive on newsstands in early November in time to prepare North America for the release of FFX-2 this winter.

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by Cortney Stone    
Source: [Gamers]

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