Disgaea Opens the Gates to the Netherworld

It's hard to say we're awash in strategy RPGs, but even a few releases in the next couple of weeks feels like a glut on the market compared to what we normally are gifted with. To start the process off, this week sees the release of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, which is the highly quirky story of the Prince of the Netherworld's quest to regain his throne. To mark the occasion, Atlus has also gone live with a promotional site for the game that features a plethora of screenshots, character descriptions, and an odd spotlight on Tsunami Bomb, the punk rock band who did "The Invasion from Within" for the game.

Disgaea is an isometric combat strategy game similar to Tactics Ogre or Rhapsody. Not surprisingly, considering it is coming to us courtesy of the same group who created Rhapsody and La Pucelle. Also, in a similar manner to the organized chaos that was Rhapsody, Disgaea follows the tale of the Netherworld's Prince, who has awoken after a rather long, two year nap to discover that his father died while he slept. However, mixed in with what could be a rather dark story on the surface is a strong mix of comedy including an Angel Assassin in training, a demonic penguin, and the Netherworld's version of a Senate, the Dark Assembly.

Currently, Disgaea is available only for the PlayStation 2 and should be on store shelves right now. The retail price for the game is a fairly standard $49.99.

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by Gabriel Putnam    
Sources: [Disgaea Official Site]

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