Drakengard Character Information Uncovered

Square Enix has put some interesting Drakengard character information on its website. We now have short bios of all the major characters in the game.

The central characters of the game are Caim, Furies, and Ynuart, who were all childhood friends. Caim is a strong-willed character who fights astride his Red Dragon to avenge his parents, who were killed by a dark dragon. Furies led the life of a normal human until her fourteenth birthday, when she discovered she was actually an incarnation of the Goddess; since then her life has changed drastically. Ynuart is emotionally weak, and needs something to depend on. Throughout his younger years, this something was Furies, but now he must find new dependence. He rides on a mysterious Black Dragon and is musically talented in both the use of his voice and the playing of a harp.

In addition to these central characters, there are a few more that deserve mention. Verdelet is a wise, old fighter who has managed to stay away from the military all his life. He is the only one that can converse with the Goddess and he rides upon a Rock Dragon. Arioch, the elf, lost both her husband and her son to the onslaught of the military. She now seeks new meaning for her life and rides on both the Windine and Salamander Dragons. Seere is a young, strong-willed boy. He has been described by some as a "goody-goody" and he always does what's right. He has a twin sister, of whom not much is known, and rides on a Golem Dragon.

Drakengard, under the name Drag-On Dragoon, will be released in Japan on November 11th. North American gamers will have to wait until sometime in the second quarter of 2004 for the localized release.

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by Orie House, with contribution by Jesse Kanda    
Source: [Square Enix Japan]

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