Oriental RPG On The Way

Hudson recently announced that it is producing a new GameBoy Advance RPG entitled Oriental Blue: Blue Tengai. The game will take place in an Asian backdrop, featuring such countries as Japan, China, and Mongolia. It will also place much of its emphasis on "freedom." Players will initially choose two characters (of a possible four) to start their journey and initiate events or quests depending on their actions. There are also 11 possible sub-characters which a player can recruit. In addition, it has been reported that the game will continue even if the party is defeated. Finally, the game will feature a magic orb system which allow players to attach magic to their attributes.

To heighten the sense of uniqueness further, the game also allows the player to save their story and send it to others via a link cable. Oriental Blue: Blue Tengai is set to release in Japan during the month of October.

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by Matt Chan    
Source: [Magic Box]

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