Final Fantasy X North American Release Date Set

According to an announcement by Square EA today, Final Fantasy X will be coming to North American PlayStation 2's in January 2002.

Released in Japan on July 19 to massive sales, 1.9 million copies in only four days, FFX became the first PS2 title to reach the two million-unit mark. Anticipation for the title is high in North America where the summer saw Final Fantasy games holding the top selling spots across systems. Although Square EA has not divulged an exact day in January for the game's release, both Babbages and Electronics Boutique have FFX listed for a January 1, 2002 release, a date still subject to change.

With only four months to go before its North American release, fans might want to check out RPGamer's past coverage of the game to tide them over until the big day.

by Robert Parry-Cruwys    
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