El Dorado's Gate Winds Down

The end is drawing near for El Dorado Gate, as Capcom prepares to release the seventh and final installment of the Dreamcast RPG. The seventh volume of the bi-monthly series will contain the 17th and 18th chapters: Chapter 17- Fragment of Truth, and Chapter 18- Day of the Final Battle. Fragment of Truth will follow the story of the 12 ogre soul successors gathering to assemble the scattered pieces of Revelations Mars, the ancient relic which reveals the truth concealed in legend. The final chapter will detail the story of the game's heroes, who died one after another, asked to hand out Revelations in exchange for their companions' lives. The ultimate conclusion promises to be a fitting end to what has been the first successfully serialized RPG series.

To help the series go out with a bang, Sega announced a special reservation promotion. Anyone who reserves a copy of the game will receive not only a custom-made postcard, but also a special Collector's Edition case in which all seven volumes of the game can be stored. El Dorado Gate: Volume 7 will be released on October 10th, 2001 in Japan, for 2800 yen, or approximately $23.00 US. There is no word on whether the game will make it to North America, in part or in whole.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magic Box]
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