Pillars of Garendall Released

Following quickly on the recent news of Pillars of Garendall's Final Candidate status, the game has now been released and is currently available for download. Pillars of Garendall is the highly anticipated epic fantasy role playing game, created entirely through the Coldstone game engine, and will serve as an excellent example of what this RPG-making toolset will be capable of when it is made available.

The game is currently available for download at Ambrosia's website in two forms. The demo version of the game is just under 30 megs, and the full version is over 150 megs. While the demo is a free look at what the game has to offer, the full version will require users to purchase a $25 registration code in order to play. Both files can be found here. These downloads will operate under Mac OS9 and OSX, with the Windows version of the game to be made available at a later date. As the full version can be a sizeable download for dialup connections, Ambrosia is also offering the game in cd format for $5 (this is in addition to the registration cost). The CD contains the full version of Pillars of Garendall for both Macintosh and Windows, as well as special movies and other extras that are available only on the disc. CD orders will ship in September. There is currently no known release date for the Coldstone RPG-creation toolset itself.

Note: Connections to Ambrosia's site may be slower than usual due to the large file downloads.

by Matthew Wanlin
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