Square Plays News Triple Triad

Guidebooks for Final Fantasy X were promised by Square after the company enforced a Playonline-only guidebook policy for the previous entry in the series. Now, the guides are ready for action, as Square confirmed they will be released next month in Japan. There will be two separate versions: 'Final Fantasy X: Scenario Ultimania', which will be an overview of the game's storyline and environments, and 'Final Fantasy X: Battle Ultimania', which will include enemy charts and provide in-depth coverage of the battle system.

Square will use their Digicube-affiliated stores to market the guides, including Familymart, 7-11, and Circle-K. The books will sell for 1400 yen, which is roughly $12 US, apiece. In other Final Fantasy X news, online retailer Tokyopop will be selling the game's soundtrack in North America, starting in early 2002. The soundtrack features selections from Junya Nakano, Masashi Hamauzu, and Nobuo Uematsu, and will sell for $14.98. It will likely be a one disc release.

Rounding out this series of newsbits comes the announcement from Square that their PlayOnline network will support ADSL connections. Among the supported connections are those offered by NTT, Yahoo! BB, ACCA Network, eAccess and more. PlayOnline will also support NEC's Aterm and NTT's INS USB broadband modems, which can be connected directly to the PlayStation 2 console.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magic Box, Core Magazine]
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