EVE: The Second Genesis Now Accepting Beta-Tester Applications
EVE: The Second Genesis

Crowd Control Productions (CCP), an Iceland-based game developer, has begun accepting applications for the beta test of their upcoming space role-playing game, EVE: The Second Genesis.

EVE is set in a persistent universe made up of over 5000 star systems where five warring races compete for supremacy. Much as in Origin's Privateer or Digital Anvil's Freelancer, players begin the game with only a basic ship and a pittance of cash. Only by completing assignments--anything from trading missions to bounty hunting--will one's character be able to upgrade and improve their ships, thereby increasing the range of possible missions. Captains may choose to fly solo or to join up with clan-like organizations to aid them with jobs. With scarce resources and numerous organizations competing for the same missions, combat will be a must in the world of EVE. CCP plans to implement an highly tactical, long-range battle system instead of the more classic dogfighting approach to combat. Besides standard weapons such as missles and lasers, EVE will also give players new offensive strategies such as the ability to "hack" into their opponents' computers to gather intelligence or to disrupt the vital systems of enemy ships.

Although the beta testing of this new MMORPG will not begin for a few months, with the finished product not being released until Spring 2002, PC gamers looking for the next big thing may want to head over to the EVE: The Second Genesis webpage and sign up.

by Robert Parry-Cruwys    
Source: [Gamespot]
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