Throne of Darkness Demo Released
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In anticipation for the game's Summer 2001 release, Sierra Studios has released a demo of the upcoming PC RPG, Throne of Darkness. This demo allows players to adventure through the game's first level called The Citadel.

Throne of Darkness is a fantasy RPG that is heavily influenced by Japanese mythology. The game's story begins when an evil warlord unleashes a demon named Raien. Raien then gathers his armies of monsters and undead to wreak havoc in feudal Japan. The player is in charge of seven samurai, each with their own abilities to stop the demon and restore peace. The game also features strategy as part of its gameplay by allowing for the simultaneoous control of four (out of the seven) samurai by issuing tactical commands via a button on the in-game interface. There will also be a multitude of elemental spells, and the option of creating your own unique armor and weaponry.

Another interesting feature of Throne of Darkness is the game's muliplayer option. The option will be set in a battlefield where players contend for the Dark Warlord's mantle - thereby making the winner the new Dark Warlord, and he/she must defend the right to be the Dark Warlord from the remaining players. The demo may be downloaded at either Sierra's Throne of Darkness site, or Fileplanet. People who wish to download from Fileplanet must register a login name and password before hand. The demo is roughly 108.5 Mb in size.

by Rebecca Phoa    
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