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Contrail, the developer responsible for Legend of Legaia, has released some new information on Legaia: Duel Saga. Set in a world with various locales, Dual Saga boasts five characters, each with their own history. The hero, Lang, is a 17 year old swordsman who helps protect his village Noru from monster attacks. The second character, Maya, is a 14 year old mage who lives in the snowy village of Yuno. She had learned to use magic when she was very young despite causing an incident. Although she is considered a coward, Maya is also bright, and has much curiosity. She is now embarking on a journey - purpose unknown. The third character, Kasa, is a martial arts/swordsman who has retired and now lives by the Gaberu Mountains. Despite his vulgar and seemingly random attitude, he is a learned and intellectual man. The fourth character is an enigma and could be a possible antagonist. He is currently seeking out Noru's water stones. The fifth character is a mysterious thief whose is also cheerful and carefree. As a result she has a certain infamy which she perpetuates.

Concerning some of Dual Saga's villages and cities, Noru is a dusty dry village by a large cliff side that relies on water stones which generate the village's nearby lake. Yuno is a snowy village that receives hardly any visitors. Darakin City in the van Derasu area is its third major locale. Darakin City, although beautiful, is ruled with an iron fist. It also has a class system and heavy taxes. Two other locales feature a port town that been plagued with problems as of late, and a dusty desert town which monitors trade.

The last details of Dual Saga, mention the weaponry used in the game's Arts battle system. As with most RPG heroes, Lang will wield a sword, Maya will use her magic, and Kasa will use hand-to-hand combat. Legaia: Dual Saga will also use the Dual Shock controller. A North American or international release date was not mentioned.

by Rebecca Phoa    
Source: [Sony Computer Entertainment]
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