Final Fantasy Tactics Re-Release Not So Great
Final Fantasy Tactics

According to various reports, the Greatest Hits copies of Final Fantasy Tactics, released less than two days ago, are defective. Although the cause of the defect is not known, according to a Babbages employee, the discs will not work with either original PlayStations, PSones, or PS2s, giving an "insert PlayStation disc" error instead of an amazing tactical RPG experience.

This news is unfortunate considering the immense enthusiasm surrounding the game's re-release. Although the problem appears to have affected the entire first wave of discs, no statement on reasons for the defect or the arrival of a fixed shipment has been made by either Square or Sony.

RPGamer will keep readers aware of any updates to this information. Thanks to Sam for our first heads up on the sad news.

Update (08/01/2001): RPGamer has learnt that the faulty Final Fantasy Tactics disc will work on the bleem! emulator for the PC. Thanks to Craig Cearlock for the info.

Update (08/03/2001): Square contacted RPGamer today and made a brief comment regarding the recent defective release of Final Fantasy Tactics. Since the game is a first party title, published by Sony, Square will not provide customer support for the game. If you're having trouble (and, if you own it, you are), contact Sony customer support.

by Robert Parry-Cruwys    
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