Magi-Nation Keeper's Quest Announced for GBC
Keeper's Quest

Barely a year after the well-received original's release, US-based Interactive Imagination is gearing up to return to the Moonlands with Magi-Nation Keeper's Quest. Scheduled to arrive on the Game Boy Color towards the end of the year, the sequel tells the tale of a young Magi Trainer named Salafy.

The world of Magi-Nation, known as the Moonlands, is divided into five distinctive regions that are protected by the Magi. Each region contains Trials set up by the ancient Magi as a selection process to weed out the weak and to produce the head Magi of each region, known as the Keeper. The Keepers are required to be made of stern stuff indeed, with nasties like the Dream Creatures and Core Magi lurking throughout the land.

Salafy is a Magi Trainer with ambitions of grandeur. To become the Keeper of the Vash region she must complete the Keeper's Trials and prove her worth. Thankfully, she won't be alone in this arduous task, as familiar faces, in the form of Yaki, and Eidon, the Keeper of Naroom, assist her in her travails. The five regions that make up the Moonlands contain four Trials each that Salafy must surpass en route to attaining Keeper-status. The game will stick to the previous installment's gameplay format, and supplement this with a healthy smattering of puzzles.

Interactive Imagination is aiming to bring Magi-Nation Keeper's Quest to the market at Christmas time. If the first game is anything to go by, gamers can expect a solid RPG to while away the yuletide. Keep that dial on RPGamer for more information as development of the game progresses.

by Alex Wollenschlaeger    
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