Enix Stands at the Gate of Financial Success
Cross Gate

Cross Gate, Enix's entry into the online PC RPG market, was just released today in Japan for 8,800 yen; yet even before the first sales numbers roll in, Enix has primed the new MMORPG for the fast track to success. According to Japanese reports, Cross Gate will be available for both the Korean and Taiwanese markets by the end of 2001 with a Chinese version released by the end of fiscal 2002. With online gaming's growing popularity in East Asia, Enix hopes to tap into this frenzy and achieve great sales with their new game.

In an earlier article, RPGamer discovered some interesting details concerning Cross Gate. Groups of up to five players, chosen from 14 character designs and 60 different skill classes, traverse the European-like landscape of the Fahren Kingdom in search of quests to complete. Also interesting is Enix's decision to use a turn-based battle system, giving each character 30 seconds to make a move before losing his or her turn. Enix believes it has created a game that beginners can easily enjoy, while still remaining challenging to veterans.

Although no mention of a North American release has been made, with Enix's rising presence in this area, the chances that English speaking countries will soon be experiencing Cross Gate are bright.

by Robert Parry-Cruwys    
Source: [FGN Online]
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