Initial Shipment of Final Fantasy X Flies Off Shelves

A great deal of effort has gone into promoting Final Fantasy X, and now it appears as though Square might have been just a little overzealous. The game, which initially shipped 2.14 million copies on July 19th, has sold 2 million of those copies, just four days later. It is the first double platinum title for the PlayStation2, and has created an unexpected shortage of the game. Square, however, is prepared; as individual stores sell out, the company will send special shipments to restock their shelves, which should ensure the game does not suffer any supply issues. Regular shipments will also resume by the end of the week.

Square will certainly be revelling in the success of Final Fantasy X, as it seems their decision to delay it for fine-tuning is now paying off. The game is still on track to be released in North America early in 2002.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [Watch Impress Japan]
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