Wizardry 9 in Limbo
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Sirtech Canada, developer of the Wizardry RPG series on the PC, has announced that layoffs and a lack of funding has halted development on their most recent titles: one of them being Wizardry 9.

The company explained that the main reason for the development halt was that they were not receiving royalties from European publishers for their strategy games Jagged Alliance II and Jagged Alliance II: Unfinished Business for their game development funding. In general, gathering funds was difficult. These arrangements make Sirtech Canada's situation for Wizardry 9's future seem bleak as Sirtech Canada must obtain the funding money in the next four to eight weeks.

The Wizardry series has been a long standing RPG series on the PC which was once published by Sirtech Software. Currently Wizardry 1, Wizardry 2,and Wizardry 3 are also scheduled for a port to the GBC.

by Rebecca Phoa    
Source: [FGN Online]
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