Final Fantasy X Promotional Extravaganza

With Final Fantasy X just two days away, anticipation is building to a fever pitch in Japan. Several department stores are feeding into this action with the announcement of special promotional events for those fans dogged enough to be one of the first in line. This task obviously won't be easy; Final Fantasy X has already shattered a number of preorder records, and the first shipment of 2 million copies will likely sell pretty quickly. Even so, persistence will pay off, especially for anyone picking up their copies at Virgin Megastore in the first basement level of the chain's Shinjuku outlet. That store is offering a free gift to the first 500 people to show up for the game. The event, while free, does require a ticket for entrance, likely in order to ensure that only the first 500 people get the free gift.

In addition to the gift, there will also be a live interview with Nobuo Uematsu and the singer Rikki, who will then perform the main theme song of Final Fantasy X, Isn't it Wonderful? for the crowd. A couple of other promotions will also be offered; anyone purchasing the game's soundtrack, or reserving the game's CD single, will be able to obtain an autograph from Uematsu and Rikki, the first 200 on special colored paper. Additionally, the first 300 to purchase Final Fantasy X will receive a special sound CD from the game.

Another major promotion will be held by the Shibuya Tsutaya outlet in the Nishiguchi station of JR Shibuya station. The store will open early, selling the game inside the shop from 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM, and then moving outdoors until 10:00. This is a somewhat limited event in comparison with the Virgin promotion; only the first 100 customers will be given prizes, which in this case are a Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within movie poster, and a special book detailing various artistic aspects of the game.

Anyone near either of these stores with the requisite free time should definitely consider showing up for the exclusive items, since it appears they will be fairly scarce. The game itself is still slated for release early Thursday, with Square's initial shipment totalling 2 million copies of the title. The game sells for 8800 yen(approximately $70 US), and will be released in North America sometime early next year.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [Watch.Impress Japan]
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