El Dorado Gate's Volume VI Price Announced
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The next installment of Capcom's serial RPG El Dorado Gate, has now been given a price of 2800 Yen (roughly, $22.43 USD). As previously reported, the release date still stands at August 8, 2001.

El Dorado Gate is a unique type of game in which rather than large sequels, medium-sized installments are made to increase the one game. Previous chapters featured 11 people, all descendants of an evil god, who are finding their lot in life. This new installment Volume VI, will feature the second last two chapters of the game, where the Holy Knight Gigi goes on a quest to gather the 11 evil god descendants to break the seal of the evil god thus throwing the fate of world up in the air.

This is exciting news for Japanese residents and RPG importers looking for new ways to increase the life of the Dreamcast. There is still no word on a North American release for the series. More information about El Dorado Gate's earlier installments can be found at the RPGamer El Dorado game page.

by Rebecca Phoa    
Source: [Magic Box]
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