Square's Plans for Final Fantasy XI

Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of Final Fantasy, has restated the previous plans for Final Fantasy XI 's multi-console capabilities.  His new thoughts have been recorded in a Los Angeles Times article, regarding Squaresoft's plans to release FFXI on multiple systems.  This has been the first time that Squaresoft has ever mentioned plans for games for Nintendo in the near future.

Sakaguchi mentioned to the press that it is "certainly a possibility" that the fully online game, Final Fantasy XI, will be released on the Nintendo GameCube and Microsoft XBox.  As the interview went on, Sakaguchi mentioned that he is very excited about Nintendo's new console.  He stated that as Squaresoft is moving onto online games, it is essential that you equip the game on many different consoles for it to sell well.  Although  Sakaguchi's thoughts were not clearly stated, it shows that Squaresoft is curious about GameCube's stunning development.

The releases of Final Fantasy XI for PS2 and PC are confirmed and its XBox release has come from Microsoft.  And since this little talk with Mr. Sakaguchi, it is safe to say that there is enough information to confirm that FFXI will be coming to GameCube as well.  As Squaresoft is starting to develop online games, the fans should be looking forward to a new generation of gaming, coming from one of the most highly commendable leading developers in the industry.  

by Scott Hurst    
Source: [GameSpot]
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