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Climax Entertainment to Produce New PS2 RPG  
Now that the Playstation 2 is developing rapidly, more and more RPGs are coming its way.  The makers of Super Runabout and the RPG for Dreamcast, Time Stalkers, are planning to develop an RPG for the PS2.  Climax Entertainment has big plans for this game, and they are currently hiring staff members for this project at their website.   When Climax announced this, many companies were surprised at its action and were also excited as well.  Although this company is not very well known, it produces great quality games that will truly make an impact on the Playstation 2. 

Although Climax has not announced whether the game will have any connection to Time Stalkers, they promised that this RPG for PS2 will be on an epic scale.  Fans have a lot to look forward to, as RPGamer will release more information on this upcoming project as it becomes available.  

by Scott Hurst    
Source: [GameSpot]
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