Blizzard Entertainment Granted Ruling by Federal Court
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As reported earlier in the year, Blizzard Entertainment, developer of the popular RPG Diablo had launched a lawsuit pertaining to the legal usage of the name "Diablo" after New Line Cinema (movie publishers of the Dungeon and Dragons movie) wished to promote a movie by the same name. In the suit, Blizzard claimed that the name "Diablo" was theirs by the registered U.S. trademark and their pending U.S. intent - to - use trademark application. Blizzard added that the usage of the name "Diablo" by New Line Cinema would also likely confuse consumers with the game Diablo and dilute the franchise as a result. The "Diablo" name was also filed in 1996 which is four plus years before New Line Cinema decided to use the name as well.

After deliberation by a federal U.S. court, Blizzard was granted a Preliminary Injunction motion which prevents New Line Cinema from "advertising, promoting, or releasing an upcoming motion picture under the name 'Diablo®.' " It also prevents New Line Cinema from using the name "Diablo" in any form or with other words.

Blizzard Entertainment has been a strong player in the electronic game industry, churning out fan favorites such as the successful real-time strategy series Warcraft, as well as Starcraft and its expansion set Starcraft: Brood Wars. They also recently released Diablo II and its expansion set Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Diablo had also garnered such accolades as 1997's Number One Selling Computer Role-Playing Game and Computer Gaming World's Game of the Year Award. The company's current project is Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.

This case although the newest one of its kind, is quite typical in a business world filled with names that people/businesses claim as their own. Similar cases include the Microsoft v. XBox Technologies suit as well as the "Cease and Desist" case involving Working Designs (publisher of Vanguard Bandits), and Midway (publisher of Gauntlet Legends).

by Rebecca Phoa    
Source: [Business Wire]
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