Nintendo Power Offers Inventive Incentive

Nintendo Power has combined two of its parent companies' favorite pastimes, offering clothing pins as resubscription benefits and milking its über-successful Pokémon franchise, into a single incentive package for new and repeat Nintendo Power subscribers. For $49.95, the package includes a 1-year magazine subscription (12 issues), a copy of either Pokémon Gold or Silver, an official Player's Guide, and a set of three Pokémon Gold/Silver pins. Interested parties should apply in person at Nintendo Headquarters, or send in a subscription card as a last resort.

Pokémon Gold/Silver's groundbreaking plots revolve around the appearance of a young boy who pledges to become the world's greatest pokémon trainer. Anyone unfamiliar with the wildly popular game series should first crawl out from beneath their rock. After that, a smart decision would be perusing RPGamer's Pokémon coverage, particularly for the Gold & Silver Editions. After that, you're on your own.

by Bill Johnson    
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