Atlus Japan and Kadokawa Hint at Next Generation Persona

Altus Japan announced last week that they've recently entered into an agreement with Kadokawa Shoten Publishing. Kadokawa Shoten is expected to work with Altus in development with several new PlayStation 2 projects. Nothing specific has been revealed, however, Core Magazine is suggesting that the hot projects are likely next generation sequels to the Persona and Megami Tensei series.

Core Magazine also reported that both companies plan to explore Japan's surging DVD market. Kadokawa Shoten's debut PS2 project, Orphen, is being released in America by Activision as a PS2 launch title this coming October. The Persona series is made up of traditionally turn-based RPGs that take place in the modern world.

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by Gabe Wollenburg    
Source: [Core Magazine]
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