Enix Makes a Comeback; Valkyrie Profile Release Date Confirmed

Fans of the console RPG pioneer rejoice, because they are coming back, and doing it in style! Enix has marked their return to publishing in North America with the release of the RPG masterpiece Valkyrie Profile and a brand new design for their corporate webpage ( Paul Handelman, the president of Enix America Inc., has been quoted to say, "Enix is back! We are excited to be publishing our own titles in North America and have a tremendous lineup to kick off our return to the market." Valkyrie Profile and Bust a Groove 2 will be the first titles published in the West by Enix themselves since 1995. Valkyrie Profile is set for release August 29, as RPGamer had reported earlier.

The new website is also big news, as Enix has tried their hardest to offer an interactive experience on the Internet -- and succeeded. As you visit the site, take notice of the additions of the spiffy new flash animations and games. Especially noteworthy are the interactive and just plain beautiful shockwave movies littered within the Valkyrie Profile section of the site, which really allows one to get the feel for the game as well as set a smile on the lips.

In addition to the pretty face of the site, this writer is also pleased to say that it also offers enough functionality and information for prospective buyers to be satisfied with what they see. Amidst all the bells and whistles on the site is an announcement list that anyone is free to join. This list will allow readers to gain instant insight on games and releases as they arrive. One feels that Enix has finally accomplished the impossible -- a site design for a game publisher that not only offers functionality, but also puts the fun back into the Internet as well.

by Jeff Hagadorn    
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