Sega Announces @barai System

Sega's got a whole new meaning to "trying before buying." Previously announcing that they would become the first company to allow game rentals in Japan, Sega has devised an alternative method for possible buyers to get their trial fix. Called @barai (derived from the Japanese "to pay"), it will allow gamers to purchase an edited copy of a game for a mere 1000. The catch is that the game can only be played to a certain part, at which point the player can decide if they'd like to purchase the full copy. Using the WebMoney system, they can order the full copy of the game for an extra 5000 to 6000, and then download the activation code for the rest of the game.

The first game to use this new system is Eternal Arcadia, known in North America as Skies of Arcadia. Originally slated for a September 14 release, the game has been pushed back to October 5 so that the @barai system will be available upon the game's release in Japan. Sega expects to have many more games using @barai very soon. There is no word yet on a North American version of @barai.

by Ryan Mance    
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