Atlus Announces Eithéa

Atlus has looked to be quite busy lately within the RPG realm, with the recent unveiling of Despiria for Dreamcast, and now Eithéa for the PlayStation. Aoi Nanase, famous for Samurai Showdown's illustrations in the gaming media known as "Gamest," is behind the character designs for the game. While Atlus hasn't released many details on Eithˇa as of this writing, some info on character abilities and plot direction has been released for RPGamer to sate the pallet of your curiosity with.

The story begins with Sho, the main character, as an earthquake hits his school and sends he and his friends to the distant world of Eithéa. The ability engine of the game is called the "Latent Ability Voltage" system, where a character will perform a certain ability depending on the emotional impact at the time of the manifestation of the ability. Fans of Despiria and Maken X may note the continuing theme of the Mind, Heart, and Emotion within Atlus' most recent titles, which may give gamers an idea of how the story will be played out. Carrying a pricetag of 6800¥, Eithéa will be unleashed on Japan in November.

by Jeff Hagadorn    
Source: [Gamespot]
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