Anachronox Not Confirmed for Dreamcast

Despite recent news to the contrary floating around the 'net, it appears that Anachronox is not yet confirmed for the Dreamcast. In the July issue of Gamer's Republic, Ion Storm Production Coordinator Andrew Thomas was asked the question of to which consoles Ion Storm plans on porting Anachronox. In response, Thomas allegedly said, "The only system confirmed so far is Dreamcast."

However, according to Thomas, this is simply not true. "I never recall confirming a Dreamcast port," he told IGN yesterday. Thomas is not sure where the information confirming the Dreamcast port came from, but he has now stated that such a decision has not been made yet. The focus of Ion Storm, according to Thomas, is on the PC version first, with evaluations of next-generation consoles coming after that, and then finally Eidos will determine the best, if any, next-gen console for Anachronox.

First announced for the PC in late 1998, Anachronox is a sci-fi RPG based on a highly modified version of the Quake II engine. Unlike Quake II, which was first-person, Anachronox is based in the third-person perspective. It features turn based strategies in the same vein as Final Fantasy As far as plot goes, the game centers around two characters, Sly Boots and Stiletto Anyway, who are treasure hunters on the hunt for alien artifacts.

Despite this unfortunate news, Thomas has made clear that a Dreamcast version has not necessarily been ruled out. According to IGN, Thomas has said, "Although nothing has been signed at this point, it is completely possible, and is most definitely something Ion Storm is looking at." With any luck, Ion Storm will give DC owners some lovin' and port this intriguing title to the Dreamcast. In the meantime, count on RPGamer to keep you posted on this story as news develops.

by Christopher Koeppel    
Source: [IGN]
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