Final Fantasy Sales Drive Square Stock

Approximately 2.6 million copies of Final Fantasy IX were shipped over the game's opening weekend, according to a recent announcement by Square. In response to the massive demand, Square also announced plans to ship an additional 200,000 copies during the next week. 

The announcement fueled a run on Square stock, significantly raising its value over the course of trading on Monday. Square plans to up their sales projections to 3+ million units in Japan this year, which should further drive sky-rocketing stock prices. 

Things are looking good for Square. While the development costs for Final Fantasy IX were roughly 4 billion Yen ($38 million), the game is consuming only one-third of the advertising expenditure that was spent on the previous title in the series. So far, FFIX has generated over 20.2 billion Yen in sales. With Final Fantasy IX anticipated for a November release in North America, things are only looking up.

by Gabe Wollenburg    
Sources: [Core Magazine, Magic Box]
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