New Grandia 2 Import Promotional Details Surface

As many of you may know, the Japanese release of Grandia 2 is not far away, and it seems that Game Arts has a real treat in store for all you importers out there. Along with the release plans, Game Arts has also included details on the promotional extras to be included with Grandia 2's limited edition package. Fans of Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete know the pure fanboy goodness that comes packed along with a limited edition release, and Game Arts is proving that they are not ones to disappoint.

Packed in with the game are two gems of Grandia 2 delight. The first is a special edition book featuring details on the characters, as well as the world surrounding the game. The book is also reported to feature design and character sketches from the planning stages of the the title. The second item packaged with the game is a music CD. The track listing is as follows:

  1. Cancao do Povo-Little Shelter MIX
  2. A deus - Challenge to God
  3. Digital Museum Radio Drama Opening
  4. Gadoin no renai jutsu
  5. Gadoin PAD
  6. Barl's Diary
  7. Ajimi

Tracks three through seven are reported to be written and arranged by Noriyuki Iwadare, who is the composer of the original soundtrack. As for tracks one and two, they were also composed by Iwadare, but remixed and vocalized by Yoshihara Ohta and Alulu-Can. Grandia 2 is slated with an August 3 release date in Japan.

By Jeff Hagadorn    
Source: [IGN]
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