Phantasy Star Online

    New details have at last emerged concerning Phantasy Star Online, the latest Dreamcast project embarked upon by the Sonic Team. Right now details are sketchy at best and gameplay has only been hinted at. An official announcement regarding Phantasy Star Online is expected shortly, and RPGamer will of course keep you up to date.

We now know that Phantasy Star Online is not a sequel to Phantasy Star IV but rather is a spin-off of the popular series. But never fear, your favorite character will be here! Players can expect to meet many of the original Phantasy Star characters as they appear in non-playable roles.

Although it will be an online RPG, PSO will retain the "traditional RPG" feel. Unlike many of todays' online games the party will remain small, a mere 4 players. And for an added sense of nostalgia you can choose to have the computer control up to three characters for you, possibly leaving you as the sole player.

by Virginia Herrell     
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