Dreamcast Sales

    As of September 23rd the Sega Dreamcast has sold an unprecidented 514,000 copies in the United States in it's first 2 weeks. This figure not only beats those of any past system, it completely blows them away. Just to give you a sense of how impressive this total truly is, here are a few figures:

It took the Nintendo 64 2 months to sell 500,000 copies in the US and took the Playstation over 4 months. Also, according to Sega it took the Apple iMac almost a year to sell half a million copies and it was over one complete year before 500,000 DVD players had been sold in the country.

Sales show no sign of slowing down and according to Sega representatives they are preparing for another explosion of sales for the holidays

by Virginia Herrell     
Source: IGN
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