TGS '99: Legend of Dragoon

    More details on Sony's RPG, Legend of Dragoon surface from this year's Toyko Game Show. The story takes place 10,000 years after the infamous "Dragon War", a war between Dragoons, those who could control dragons, and the Enslavers, those who could control magic. Both races are now missing, and only the humans remain.

    Dart is the main hero of our story. A young man, dressed in red, leaves Seles, his home village, to avenge the death of ihs parents. He is accompanied by Shana, a childhood friend of Dart's, and the daughter of the chief of Seles. She has enormous strength, but a kind heart. On their journeys, they will run into Ros'e, a mysterious woman who will join Dart on his quest, and the Hooded Man, who will get in the way of Dart and his companions numerous times through out the story.

    Legend of Dragoon is set for release this December in Japan, and will be on four CDs.

by Mike Tidwell    
Source: IGN
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