Assorted Findings about Mother 3

    More information about Mother 3 (EarthBound 64). Titled 'The Fall of the Pig King', in Japan, it is also scheduled to be shown at Nintendo's Space World in three days, just for those who are tired of reading about Zelda.

    The battle system is somewhat unique for an RPG. Battles will be akin to first person shooter games, with a menu of the following: Check, Items, Stand, Fight, Strength and Magic. Magic spells will draw energy from the surroundings of the battle. Be wary of casting powerful spells, as they can overpower the caster, disabling the character for a while. Using too many spells may also burn out the caster. RPGamers will have the usual variety of attacks, including multiple attacks -- if the player can get the timing just right.

    Four characters for Mother 3 have been introduced, but no information about them has been given. The characters are The Father, the Twins Luca and Krause, and the dog Bony.

    As previously reported, Mother 3 is set for next year. Unfortunately for all Earthbound fans, it's deep into 2000. Current reports from the producers are slating May 2000 for release in Japan.

by Mike Tidwell    
Mother 3
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