Gameplay for the Zelda GBC Trilogy

    Translating the game title appears to be challenge enough. Named Legend of Zelda: Mysterious Fruit, Mysteriouos Acorn, or Acorn of the Tree of Mystery, it's the talk of the web this week. RPGamer reported preliminary details yesterday, but more has been found in just a short time.

    The trilogy will start the same way most Zelda games start, with Princess Zelda. Princess Zelda used the Rod of the Four Seasons to control the seasons in Hyrule. Ganon steals the Rod of Four Seasons, as well as the Triforce of Power. When Ganon learns of Link's quest to retrieve the items, be breaks up the Triforce into eight parts, and hides them throughout Hyrule. Then he esacpes into another dimension with the Rod, and throws Hyrule into chaos, as seasons are no longer in the proper order. Link must recover the eight pieces of the Triforce, and travel between dimensions to recover the Rod of Four Seasons as well.

    Details about other characters in the story has surfaced. In Hyrule, Link will be able to ride in Ricky, the kangaroo. While riding, Link can jump, and punch out enemies. Link will also meet Maple, a witch. The purpose of Maple isn't known, but she will bring about events in the story. In the other dimension, Link will find the Uura Tribe, and the Tree of Mystery.

    As previously mentioned, this is the start of a new trilogy. Using a currently unexplained Link System, players will be able to start with any of the three games, without losing track of the stories. However, the player may need all three to completely finish all of them, as one event in one game may change a part in another story.

    Expect many more details when Nintendo's Space World '99 kicks off August 27.

by Mike Tidwell    
Sources: [IGN]
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