Shen Mue Demo released

As reported by, the "What's Shen Mue" promotional GD-ROM Shen Mue demo will be distributed today in Japan. The demo will be available in stores that carry Dreamcast products as an apology for the delay of the first chapter of Shen Mue, which is now scheduled for October 28 1999.

The fitting name "What's Shen Mue" is intended to give gamers an idea of what exactly Shen Mue will be like. The demo has 3 game modes: view, freequest, and chase QTE. The View mode is the much reported face demos that allow you to toy around with the facial models, as well as a fighting tutorial. In the Free Quest mode you tour the scenes via exploration as well as talking to the various characters in the game. Lastly the QTE demo "has you running after Mr. Dreamcast, Yukawa-san."

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