Chrono Cross Interview with Development Team reveals more information

In a recent interview with the Chrono Cross development team more information is revealed. The interview was translated by Core Magazine. The interview speaks with the key Chrono Cross Development Team; Director Masato Kato, Producer Hiromichi Tanaka, and the Music Composer Yasunori Mitsuda.

Revelation of Crono Cross' relation to Radical Dreamers and Chrono Trigger (Square RPG released in 1996 for theSuper Famicom Sattelaview System which featured Serge, Kid and Yamaneko), also emerged. When Director Masato Kato was asked, what if anything did Chrono Cross have to do with Chrono Trigger. Kato said, "The world's appearance. Chrono Cross's stage is set in a remote region of the land of the original game." He also stated that instead of travelling through time like Chrono Trigger did, in Chrono Cross you travel through "parallel worlds."

More information on the Battle system also emerged. The battle system was thought up by the "Xenogears Group," according to Kato. The new battle system allows you to choose which enemies you want to fight and which you don't.

Tanaka also revealed, Chrono Cross' CG's will be done by the Final Fantasy VIII staff. He also said while they won't be very long they will be "extravagant."

Music will be a key element of Chrono Cross as Yasunori Mitsuda will be taking the helm. Mitsuda siad that the basis of the music of Chrono Cross will come from old tunes from both Chrono Trigger and Radical Dreamers, as well as Xenogears.

The game reportedly, will last a good 30 hours and as Mr. Tanaka wanted to convey they will try to make the game something which everyone will enjoy. The predominant theme the Development Team wanted to convey was that they wanted Chrono Cross to be "shocking."

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Source: [Core Magazine]

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