Dolphins for $99?
    In a move that will either be hailed as marketing genius, or "Revenge of the Virtual Boy", Nintendo has announced that their version of the Dolphin will not be capable of playing music or DVD Movies. However, Nintendo has partnered with Matsushita (best known in the US for their Panasonic line of products, and the same people who paid $100 million dollars for 3do's M2 hardware), which will be producing units capable of playing DVD and audio CDs, as well as video games.

    The major benefit of this move, is it will allow Nintendo to reach the core video gaming audience at a much lower price point than its competitors. Some analysts are predicting prices for the system as low as $99, although $125-$150 is the more accepted range. Nintendo, of course, has not commented on the price, other than to say they are targeting a "very, very aggressive price point."

Dolphin Logo
A bold move for Nintendo
--Martin Drury
Source: [Next Generation Online]
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