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Black Rose Valkyrie Offers Some Introductions


Black Rose Valkyrie

Compile Heart released five new trailers for its upcoming PlayStation 4 title, Black Rose Valkyrie. Each of the videos, viewable below, introduces a party member, with one of them potentially turning out to be a traitor. The identity of the traitor is said to change between playthroughs.

The first video shows Ai Yakumo. She is the same age as the main protagonist, Asahi, and has a level head. She is said to be the peacemaker amongst the group. The second character is Luna Ichinomiya. As the daughter of the head of a large conglomerate, she has had a privileged upbringing but is caring and kind. Third up is Yue Hiragi. She has a serious temperament and is very loyal, but also has a penchant for cute things.

The last two characters are twins Amal and Coo Franson. Amal is the more energetic of the pair, she attempts to pass off as having more masculine traits though often comes off as childish. Coo meanwhile, is much more reserved, acting primarily as a data analyst for the team.

Black Rose Valkyrie is set for release exclusively for PlayStation 4 in Japan on July 21, 2016. At this time the game has not been announced a western release.

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