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XCOM 2 Brings the Fight to Consoles



Those who missed out on the second installment of Firaxis Games' turn-based strategy RPG on PC and Mac will soon get the opportunity to take back Earth via PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in XCOM 2. The Digital Deluxe Version also offers players access to some extra goodies made available since the game's initial launch.

Available at the moment via 2K's digital store for $59.99, XCOM 2 will soon be made available for purchase on each console's respective marketplace as well. Pre-ordering the game unlocks two bonuses: the Resistance Warrior Pack of additional cosmetic soldier customization options, and a special new XCOM recruit, dubbed the "Survivor of the Old War."

XCOM 2's Digital Deluxe Edition also bundles together three DLC packs available immediately. "Anarchy's Children" brings over a hundred cosmetic armor customization options to the player's arsenal;  "Alien Hunters" provides new weapons and armor that need to be put to good use as alien Rulers hunt the squad in a brand-new mission featuring Central Officer Bradford; and "Shen's Last Gift" brings a whole new soldier class to the table, complete with unique upgradeable weapons, armor, customization features, as well as a whole new mission and map.

XCOM 2 will release on both consoles on September 6, 2016, simultaneously in North America and Europe. A new teaser trailer is available to commemorate the upcoming event.

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