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Pokémon Trailer Unveils New Legendaries


Pokémon Sun/Moon

The Pokémon Company has released a new trailer for Pokémon Sun/Moon, which showcases the legendary Pokémon who will grace the covers of the game: Solgaleo and Lunala. Along with the Pokémon's Abilities and unique moves, the trailer also introduces some of the principle characters that will be in the game.

Solgaleo, the cover Pokémon for Sun, has the appearance of a fierce lion and is referred to as being "the beast that devours the sun." The Psychic and Steel Pokémon is mechanically centered around ignoring other Pokémon's Abilities. Its unique attack, Sunsteel Strike, hits the opponent with the force of a meteor and ignores any Abilities. Likewise, Solgaleo's Ability, Full Metal Body, will prevent its stats from being lowered by other Pokémon's moves or Abilities.

Lunala, a Psychic/Ghost who appears on the cover for Moon, is a bat-like creature that spends its time absorbing light in order to convert it to energy. Like Sunsteel Strike, its unique move, Moonlight Geist, is a high-powered move that ignores the opponent's Ability. Meanwhile its Ability, Shadow Shield, will decrease the amount of damage taken while at full health.

This time around, Professor Kukui will serve as the guide to the Alola region, acting as the game's resident Pokémon expert. One of his assistants, Lillie, will be one of the player's earliest friends. She doesn't like battling Pokémon but will end up playing an important role in the game's story. By comparison, Hau, another one of the player's companions, loves Pokémon as much as he loves food and will be on a constant search for malasada, a famous Alola treat.

Players may also find the Pokédex a little more crowded as this time around it is inhabited by a Rotom. The Rotom Dex will act as both the Pokédex and as an in-game guide, providing hints and helpful tips on where to go next. The game will also feature a new QR Scanner function, which will allow players to find additional information on Pokémon and in some instances add data and location information to the Pokédex for Pokémon that have not yet been caught.

Pokémon Sun/Moon will be available exclusively for 3DS on November 18, 2016, in North America and November 23, 2016, in Europe.


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