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Prophecies Abound in Path of Exile


Path of Exile

Grinding Gear Games is further expanding its action RPG Path of Exile with the upcoming content patch 2.3.0, which will see the release of the Prophecy Challenge Leagues. The Leagues, both standard and hardcore versions, will be opening on June 6, 2016. Leagues are limited-time servers that include special items and modifiers not available in standard modes. When a new character is created, that character can opt to join in the current League. When the League ends, all characters in it are permanently moved to the legacy Leagues.

Unique to this league is the NPC Navali, a Karui soothsayer, with whom players can interact to begin the League's continent-spanning quest.Also included in this update are new item and divination cards, three types of Unique Strongboxes, and new end-game map type, five new skills, forty new challenges, and the Endgame Labyrinth, a fourth labyrinth that can only be reached by completing difficult modes of the Trials of Ascendancy.

A new supporter pack will also be made available to coincide with the release. The Prophecy Supporter Pack will cost $60 and will give supporters access to the Shroud armor set, a unique portal effect, a themed frame for the in-game social portrait, and 500 in-game currency, valued at $50.


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