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Battlecursed Wants to Cast a Spell on Dungeon Crawlers



Codex Worlds, a Texas-based developer, has shone a first light on Battlecursed, a first-person roguelike dungeon crawler, currently in development. Through procedurally-generated dungeons, players will be tasked with taking charge of a group of four adventurers to slay the reawakened Lich Lord and stop him from his conquest of Pylandria.

From a completely first-person perspective, players must navigate the dungeons and engage in real-time combat by selecting a hero to act via icons at the bottom of the screen, selecting the desired skill, and choosing an on-screen target to cast it upon. Skills cool down in real time, and strategic character placement in the front or back row will be an important facet of battle. The team of four can include such character classes as Cleric, Bard, Necromancer, Hunter, and Grave Knight. Though each dungeon is randomly generated, they will follow a general theme progression to help the story unfold: "...ancient caves riddled with mud and pools of lava; shallow cemeteries and undead bogs; wealth-filled dwarven ruins; and finally, the mystical lair of the undead lord himself."

At this point in its development cycle, Battlecursed has only been announced for a Quarter 1 release in 2017. The game will be heading to PC when it emerges early next year. A gameplay trailer has already been released, and the developer promises to feature new updates on the game's official website.

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