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Caligula Receives Gameplay Footage



Update [05.20] — FuRyu also released a gameplay video focusing on Moebius' students. Each student has an erosion rate, which rate incidates how reliant the student has become on Moebius and increases as they listen to the music provided by μ, Moebius' creator. Once the erosion rate reaches a certain threshold, these students will become enemies of the party and battle them if found. This new video is included below.


FuRyu recently offered a look at the gameplay for its upcoming PlayStation Vita RPG, Caligula. The newest three-minute video focuses on the basics of the game's combat system, with the developer and publisher also releasing the game's second official trailer, plus various screenshots and character art.

The Imaginary Chain combat system lets players generate a list of actions and then test how they will play out before committing to them. The system allows players to generate various combos using the various party members. One example given is a character launching an enemy into the sky, which is followed by another party member attacking skyward, and in turn followed by a pursuit attack knocking the enemy back down to the ground. The Imaginary Chain visualisation lets players confirm that these follow up attacks will hit when things play out for real.

Click here to view more screenshots.
Click here to view more art.

Caligula takes place in Moebius: a self-contained virtual reality ruled over by a superintelligent AI. Trapped in its virtual high school, the game's heroes long to escape and return to reality. There are over five hundred "students" in Moebius, each of which has his or her own profile and reasons for initially wanting to escape from reality in Moebius and can potentially be recruited as a party member. Some will be more difficult to recruit than others, and may require players to connect with other students first to persuade them to join their cause. Skills can also be unlocked by solving the students' various issues.

Caligula is being developed exclusively for PlayStation Vita and is set for release in Japan on June 23, 2016. The game has not been announced for a western release at this time.

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