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Brut@l Gets Co-op Trailer



Stormcloud Games has released new information regarding its retro-themed, dungeon-crawler Brut@l. In wanting to fit the game's old school aesthetic, Brut@l will have local co-op, allowing for two players to traverse the game's twenty-six floor dungeon together.

While playing co-op, the game will still only drop the regular amount of loot between both players. Items can be traded between the two characters and players will also have the option to throw potentially useful items in the heat of battle, but thrown items can also land on enemies and give their benefits to them instead. Teammates will be able to be revived after death by sacrificing half of the health of the remaining partner to do so. Alternatively, the surviving team member can carry on to the next floor and search for the body there.

Brut@l is a procedurally-generated dungeon crawler styled to look like ASCII art. Players choose from one of four classes — Warrior, Ranger, Mage, and Amazon — to traverse the dungeon to defeat the legendary Guardian of the Dungeon. The game is looking to release sometime in 2016 for the PlayStation 4.


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