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Black Rose Valkyrie Looks at Combat


Black Rose Valkyrie

Idea Factory recently provided new details for its upcoming Japanese release of Black Rose Valkyrie, focusing on its Tactical Fluid Battle System. The system features a shared turn-order bar, with combatants moving up the bar based on their speed until they reach the point where they can act.

Players are able to manipulate the turn-order somewhat using charge attacks. These attacks are relatively low in power, but let players swap places with enemies in the turn-order bar or cancel their attacks. Regular attacks are combo-based, with each character able to link up to five attacks in their combo. For each individual hit, players can select an attack level from one to three. Level one attacks are weaker but faster, while level three attacks are heavier but at the cost of speed. The particular attacks that make up the combos can be set by the player. While regular combos are going on, the turn-order bar continues to move.

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A different type of attack available to players is Arts. These are much more pwoerful attacks that use character's AP and freeze the turn-order bar while they are going on. Certain Arts are co-operative, requiring the party to fulfill certain conditions and be correctly placed in a certain formation. While more difficult to pull off, they are considerably more powerful than regular Arts.

A third attacking option is Ignition mode. This uses up TP and significantly boosts the character's abilities, with its exact effects dependent on the Ignition level chosen. While in Ignition mode, the character's fatigue level builds up, and once this passes a certain theshold players can bring their character out of Ignition (or wait for them to be defeated). While in Ignition mode, players can also make their characters enter an Overdrive mode that releases all the limits on their character's weapon.

Black Rose Valkyrie is due to be released exclusively for PlayStation 4 in Japan on June 30, 2016. The game has not yet been announced for a western release.

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