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Etrian Odyssey V Details Masters and Titles


Etrian Odyssey V

Atlus released a bunch of new details and media for its upcoming Japanese release of Etrian Odyssey V. The company offered details about the game's Master and Titles systems before diving deeper into more of the game's classes.

Masters are seasoned adventurers that have met the certain conditions required to earn the accolade. Those who become masters get to learn special skills, which are divided into two skill trees for each class. Players select which particular title to grant to their new master, and this determines which tree they get access to. For example, Fencer class masters can select either the Phantom Swordsman title, which offers evasion and speed-based skills, or the Thunderclap Swordsman title, which specialises in combos. Players can also rename the title if they wish.

In more specific class reveals, Atlus released trailers for two of the classes — Cestus and Masurao — as well as offering overviews on the Reaper, Necromancer, Hound, and Shaman. The Cestus is a front-row attacker that uses its fists. It is able to accurately direct its fists and block certain body parts. The Marusao is also a front-row attacker that uses a sharp sword. Marusao masters are said to be able to wield multiple swords. Reapers use scythes in combat and aim to inflict weaknesses on enemies from the front-row. Necromancers are summoners that work as all-rounders with skills in attack, defence, and support. Hounds are long-distance summoners, using a bow-and-arrow in conjunction with falcon and hound allies and is good at attacking and binding enemies. Finally, the Shaman is a back-row support class, specialising in healing and protective skills.

Etrain Odyssey V is due to be released in Japan exclusively for Nintendo 3DS on August 4, 2016. There has been no announcement regarding a western release.

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