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Black Rose Valkyrie's Locations Get Exposure


Black Rose Valkyrie

Compile Heart has launched a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming Black Rose Valkyrie, along with some details on its in-game locations. The video, all in Japanese, goes through character bios for the game's main cast, then launches into combat scenarios. The trailer also introduces ACID, the Anti Chimera Intercept Division, which is the overarching branch to which the Special Military Force Valkyrie belongs.

ACID's headquarters, along with other key areas of the Shinyamato Empire, have also been officially revealed. The nation's capital is divided into several key districts, with the Bureaucracy District, right in the middle, being the seat to several important government agencies, including ACID. Other vital locations include Fujimino Air Base, Hinuma Power Plant, vital for maintaining the population's living conditions even within the time of war, and Ise Heavy Industries Production Plant. Of course, players will spend a great deal of time in ACID's headquarters, which includes not only the Special Military Force Valkyrie, but also the soldiers' dorms, the control room for planning Chimera counter-measures, and facilities dedicated to the physical and mental well-being of its troops.

Black Rose Valkyrie is still set for a June 30, 2016 Japanese release. It will be releasing exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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