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Alien Hunters Chase Down XCOM 2



XCOM 2's second DLC, Alien Hunters, is almost here and Firaxis has gone into greater detail about what exactly will be a part of the pack. Along with new weapons and armor, Alien Hunters will feature a new narrative mission that introduces three new "Ruler" type enemies, elite units that will hunt down troops across multiple missions if not dealt with.

Four new weapons will be added to the game: the Bolt Caster, a high-damage, single-shot weapon; the Hunter's Axe, a blade weapon that can be thrown or used at close range; the ShadowKeeper pistol, a weapon enhanced by the Shadowfell ability, which is guaranteed to hit and grants concealment upon killing an enemy; and the Frost Bomb grenade, which freezes targets temporarily. These weapons are all prototypes, so if any unit using them falls in combat their remains will have to be physically brought back or the weapons will be lost forever.

After completing the included narrative mission, three Rulers will be released into the game. Each has its own unique traits and provides a great challenge to players. They will also offer great rewards, as defeating them will unlock new suits of armor that offer new tactical abilities.

Alien Hunters will release on May 12, 2016. The DLC comes free for those who own the Reinforcement Pack or can be purchased for $9.99.

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